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Zoho Meeting Data APIs

The API methods are clubbed into different categories based on the operations that they perform. The two main categories that the API methods have been segregated are - private & public

private - As the name suggests, the private API URIs are used for getting user specific details the results of which are only available to the particular Zoho Meeting user. The URIs for getting private details start with "api/private"

public - The public API URIs are used for getting presentation related details that has already been made public and hence available for all the users to view. These URIs start with "api/public" and no authentication is required for them. It means that we need not pass a "ticket" as one of the query parameters for accessing them.


REST APIs for GET Method
  1. Get My Meetings
  2. Get Time Zone

REST APIs for POST Method
  1. Create a Meeting
  2. Delete a Meeting
  3. Update a Meeting
  4. Invite Participants
  5. Set Time Zone
  6. Create Remote Support Session


REST APIs for GET Method
  1. Get Meeting Details
  2. Get Participants
  3. Get Meeting Status

API to generate AuthToken

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